Independent’s Day

There is no better way to celebrate the 4th of July in the USA than by exploding a whole bunch of shit. There is no second better way to celebrate it than by overeating, overdrinking, and being generally lazy (the American way). There is no third better way to celebrate the day than by scoring […]

Cutting Class (with a Knife)

While I continue to hammer away at my next full-length novel, I went ahead and released another one of the previously unpublished short stories from the Windows collection as a standalone e-book. Presenting (or repeating, if you already gobbled up that anthology): No More Teacher’s Dirty Looks An oversexed high school teacher loves the attention […]

Miriam Was a Very Bad Girl

Back in September, I released a literary collection called Windows, which collected fourteen short stories, eight previously published and six new ones. It was released in paperback format only, partly because most of the stories were already available as e-books and partly because I’m old school when it comes to reading books–paper in my hand […]

Summer of Love

Been feeling a bit under the weather last couple days, so this post is a little delayed (and I’ll be keeping it brief). So without further ado, presenting my latest novel, Eros, Inc. This was originally a short story idea that expanded while writing it. It started as just a “lark,” especially since it’s very […]